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In 1927, Australian underwear manufacturer Speedo introduced its first line of racing swimwear declared somewhat racy at the time, but positively tame compared to the budgie smugglers that would come later. One of the first people rescued using the surf life-saving reel was a nine-year-old boy on 2 January 1907. Later on, he himself would become one of the leading pioneers in the field of aviation. His name was Charles Kingsford-Smith. Photo by: George Caddy Surf Lifesavers image by George Caddy, public domain 1911: tank In 1911, Adelaide-born Lancelot Eldin de Mole was struck with the idea for an armoured vehicle that ran on treads. He sent sketches and descriptions of his design to the British War Office, only to be informed in June 1913 that his idea had been rejected. When in 1916 an inferior (in de Mole's opinion) tank was introduced, the engineer realised that he had been passed over. A British royal commission later said that de Mole's design "had made and reduced to practical shape, as far back as the year 1912, a brilliant invention which anticipated, and in some respects surpassed, that actually put into use in the year 1916", but he was never formally acknowledged as the tank's inventor. Photo by: Westfront, zerstorter britischer Tank image by Deutsches Bundesarchiv, CC 3.0 1911: rotary clothes hoist; and 1948: Hills Hoist Everyone thinks of the Hills Hoist when they think of the Australian rotary clothes hoist, but the first rotary hoist was actually patented by Melbourne resident Gilbert Toyne in 1911; he was to patent three more designs by 1926. It was his all-metal clothes hoist with an enclosed wheel-and-pinion winding mechanism that formed the basis for other designs including that of Lance Hill, who patented the exact same design in doctor home loan calculator Oak Laurel 0430129662 1948, after Toyne's patent had expired. Photo by: Backyard view on the Thompson Estate, Greenslopes, ca.